We help our patients take charge of their health with the nations #1 electronic medical record system

Practice Fusion

Promoting stronger physician-patient connections, Patient Fusion allows individuals to:

  • View diagnoses, immunizations and prescriptions as reported by your provider.
  • Track medical record updates made in real time.
  • View your scheduled appointments.

Connecting more closely with our patients has always been a goal of our’s . Patient Fusion helps streamline communications, avoid medical errors and engage our patients in the health care process.

Personal Health Records are Secure

Patient Fusion’s PHR is built on one of the most secure and scalable infrastructures in the world. Patient Fusion offers greater disaster recovery and uptime numbers than any other PHR in the healthcare sector. Patient data is safe, secure and always available.

“…[when patients] participate more actively in the process of medical care, we can create a new healthcare system with higher quality services, better outcomes, lower costs, fewer medical mistakes, and happier, healthier patients.”
– Charles Safran, MD – President of the American Medical Informatics Association


Reduces medication errors, increases practice efficiency and improves patient safety.

Our electronic prescription process:

  • Eliminates pulling patient charts and manually calling in prescription refills to pharmacies.
  • Provides interactive maps that  instantly look up pharmacies by proximity to our practice or patients address.
  • Receives refill requests directly from the pharmacy.
  • Stores patient details for future reference.